Dear NCI,

I wish to let you know how grateful myself and the district is for the work you and your people do. Any time we need anything that would require your services your folks go above and beyond what is expected. We consistently have growing needs and every time we have a need that I am not sure if anyone can handle you guys do it in spades. Our camera system is the envy of Aztec PD, our intercoms now have features that seem to amaze our operations director, you guys get labs cabled and powered in record time. Your fine folks even were willing to get two labs taken care of need be inside of a week after the tragedy we suffered on December 7th 2017. You are a constant partner that seems to grow with every need we have. I wish to extend this testimonial to show how grateful and how happy we are with your service and dedication to the customer.

Shawn S.
Director of Technology / AMSD

As an owner of a large commercial property in Archuleta County, I confidently recommend Network Cabling to customers in need of a professionally designed alarm system. Network Cabling was able to both (a) design a system suitable for my complex situation involving an older building containing multiple independent tenants and (b) also navigate approval through oversight agencies which were themselves uncertain about their roles. I have no reservation recommending Network Cabling to future customers.

Seth F.
Snowy River Investments, LLC

Network Cabling, Inc. helped me to get an awesome stereo-sound system in the FHS orchestra room. I’m so excited that your work and care means that my students will be able to hear the nuances of the music so much better for years to come! Thank you!

Monica L.
Orchestra / Farmington High School

Having relied upon the professional services of Network Cabling for more than a decade Farmington Municipal Schools benefits from the high quality work, support beyond the completion of a project, and superior service provided to our staff, students and the community. We know that NCI will be there to make sure the right solution is implemented while reducing our costs. The small town and personal interactions are well balanced with the professional manner in which all projects, big and small, are approached.

Charles T.
Executive Director of Technology / Farmington Municipal Schools